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My Account (Legacy System)

We have upgraded our online services! If you are a personal client who has utilized the My Account feature in the past, please note that we are migrating this system to the newly available eMoney Personal Financial Website service. The new eMoney platform will continue to allow you to view all your accounts held with Meridian in one consolidated location, but you now will have the optional, added opportunity of linking outside accounts for a truly all-in-one-place access point for your finances. Contact Jennifer Steffens at (865) 342-4471 | or your individual Meridian advisor to discuss setting up your own eMoney Personal Financial Website for a much improved online account experience.

Trouble logging in?

For your eMoney Personal Financial Website, please contact Meridian’s Jennifer Steffens at (865) 342-4471 or for assistance during regular office hours Monday through Friday.

For your account, please call the Participant Service Center at (800) 716-3742 for assistance, open 8:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Monday through Friday.

For your Schwab online account, please call the Schwab Alliance’s customer service at (800) 515-2157 for assistance.

For your Fidelity online account, please call Fidelity’s customer service at (800) 544-6666 for assistance.

For your Account Access through the Meridian legacy system, please contact Meridian’s Janet Kannady at (865)342-4442 or for assistance during regular office hours Monday through Friday.

The information on these sites, including share amounts, cost basis, market value, and all other financial information and statistics, is prepared based upon information Meridian believes to be correct and up-to-date. Corporate actions and capital changes (such as stock splits, spin-offs, and exchanges) may also affect market values and may not be reflected at the time you are viewing your account.

Occasional delays from pricing sources can result in the sites not being updated.

“If you don’t know who you are, the stock market is an expensive place to find out.”
—George Goodman