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Karan Wilson

My Meridian: I learned the value of a dollar by watching my mother struggle to raise me and my brother (ages nine and eleven) after she was left a widow at the age of 48. We were the two youngest of five children at the time of my father’s death and the only children still at home. Mom was a stay at home mom and tried to find work, but back then job and transportation options were limited. Mom raised most of our food and budgeted money from her limited income in order to give us a normal life. She did this all the years we were in school. It is because of her determination and perseverance to survive I am able to cope with the normal money issues we all have. I learned from mom the importance of making money go as far as it can.

Karan Wilson
Operations Specialist

Karan performs the daily accounting of investment records.  She is responsible for all account reconciliation and has been with Meridian since its inception. She has worked in computer operations and office administration in the financial services industry for over 30 years. Karan graduated from Draughons Jr. College with an A.B.S. in computer programming.

Karan was born in Monroe County, but had lived in Knox and Blount counties for numerous years. Ten years ago she moved back to Monroe County and has made that her permanent home. She enjoys all the amenities that Monroe County has to offer with all the lakes and mountains just minutes from her home. She enjoys doing things outdoors, such as bicycling and gardening.  Some of her other hobbies are bird watching and reading. She likes to spend her free time with her family, friends, four dogs and six cats.