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30 Years of Service

Tom has guided me and my family through financial ups and downs and has always kept the ship steady. In troubled times I never worried about the security of my portfolio. I highly regard Tom’s professionalism and kindness. He never fails to educate us about financial matters and I have always been pleased that Meridian does not sell any products. Tom hasn’t always told me what I want to hear. In most instances, this has proved beneficial to my financial health.
~ Robert E. Gentry MD

Amazing One-on-One Attention

Tom Coulter and his experienced team at Meridian Trust are among the most service-oriented professionals with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.  They are truly all about understanding and meeting the needs of their clients, and their degree of one-on-one attention is amazing.  Their strategies are carefully crafted and well executed, and they instill a level of confidence that is welcome in today’s confusing marketplace.
~ Cathy Ackermann

Technically Oriented and Experienced

I have total confidence when working with the people at Meridian. Their knowledge is deep and they pay attention to the details. Meridian’s professional staff is technically oriented and experienced. I have seen first-hand for more than twenty years that Meridian Trust takes care of their clients.
~ Janice S. CPA

Balanced and Focused Approach

Meridian Trust continues to provide my family independent, unbiased financial advice. Perhaps the most important aspect of their consultation has been their patience to listen to our “ideas” and then decisively make the right recommendations for a balanced and focused approach. Oftentimes, our “ideas” are not in our best interest and they have a keen understanding and willingness to properly guide us. Their approach is refreshing, logical, and appreciated.
~ Jeff S.

Complete Confidence and Trust

Trust is the most important quality when you allow someone else to manage your money.  I have complete confidence and trust in Tom Coulter and Meridian.
~ Brad Luttrell, MD

Uncommon Level of Care

As an estate planning attorney, I appreciate Meridian Trust because they make the extra effort to ensure that their client’s needs are met.  I deal with many financial advisors and know first-hand that this level of care is very uncommon.”
~ Mike Parham, JD

Providing Financial Advice Like I am a Friend or Family Member

Tom Coulter has provided financial planning advice to me as well as guided me with investments for my children upon the death of their father.  He also provided recommendations for specialized accounting services when needed. I appreciate the fact that he took the time to get to know me, my risk tolerance, and goals, and makes investments accordingly.  Tom has also been helpful to provide guidance on considerations for a new business venture during the development phase.

I appreciate Tom’s availability and prompt response to any request.  I have always felt he is providing the financial advice he would give a friend or family member.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking financial investment advice.
~ Vickie Moore

Meridian Listens to Me Regarding My Goals and Risk Tolerance

Meridian Trust has been managing my accounts for over 10 years. During that time, Tom Coulter has consistently given me sound advice on a variety of financial issues, from estate planning to suggestions concerning investment vehicles. Of particular significance, he has always listened to me regarding my goals and risk tolerance, and tailored a plan that I was comfortable with. I trust him implicitly.
~ Jeff Sanders, MD

When I Lie in Bed at Night and Worry about Things, Money is Never One of Them

My husband and I have trusted Tom Coulter and his solid staff at Meridian Trust with our financial future for almost 15 years.  In these unpredictable financial times, they have provided us stability and confidence that our money will not only grow under their supervision but will be there when we need it. We have entrusted Tom and his staff with our hard earned dollars as well as the financial future for ourselves and our child. To me, this is the ultimate trust.   My favorite saying about Tom is, “When I lie in bed at night and worry about things, my money is never one of them”, thanks to Tom.
~ Laura Lendermon, MD

Nobody Has a Better Compliance Staff or Track Record than Meridian

I have been working with the folks at Meridian since the beginning. When you work with someone for a long time on something as important as your 401 (K) plan, it is obvious that you have a lot of confidence in your advisors.  In my case, their performance and my confidence in their abilities translates into a high level of loyalty.

I bet I get 15 contacts a year from companies wanting to tell me that they can provide a better product than Meridian for my company’s 401(K) plan. My response is always we tried other providers before Meridian and now we know how it is supposed to work.
~ James E Maier, CPA

Securing the Financial Future for our Family

Several years ago, Tom Coulter helped me gather my investments from the various institutions in which I had dabbled over the years and combined them into one cohesive investment strategy. This has been instrumental in establishing an investment direction that I am confident will go a long way toward securing the financial future for our family.  We have been able to take advantage of the market’s upside and avoid major pitfalls along the way, allowing us to expand our portfolio. I have always appreciated Tom’s sound, practical advice and his ability to take the emotion out of financial decisions. He has helped me considerably in our estate planning opportunities and forming a strategic direction.  I know our portfolio is in good hands at Meridian Trust.
~ Bruce R. Hartmann

Peace of Mind for 20 Years

My Corporation has employed Meridian Trust to manage its retirement plan for almost 20 years. Not only has Meridian provided us with sound investment advice, they have given us something more valuable- peace of mind. Meridian has done an excellent job growing our accounts while at the same time protecting our investments when the markets decline.

Tom Coulter and his staff go the extra mile to provide individual and personal services to us whether it is with planning for retirement, analyzing an investment opportunity or assisting with managing and settling an estate at the time of a loved one’s passing.
~Gary Kimzey, M.D.

Accessible & Conscientious

We hired Meridian Trust for over ten years to give us financial advice. Tom is extremely conscientious and has treated our investment account with extreme care. Mr. Coulter’s ability to analyze investments and willingness to answer questions has inspired a great deal of trust from us.
~Marvin and Martha Shapiro

Objective Financial Advice

What we appreciate most about Meridian is how they act in the client’s best interest rather than their own.  One time we had extra money to invest and were prepared to move it to our Meridian account.  Instead they recommended we use it to pay off a loan.  This kind of objective financial advice is rare in the industry but has been a consistent Meridian trait in the 10 years we have been clients.
~Charles and Teresa Williams