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Our Process


“Finding Your Meridian”

Meridian designs investment strategies to help our clients achieve their financial objectives.  Customized for each client and plan participant, this approach exemplifies Meridian’s intensely personalized service.

The Initial Process

As an independent trust company, we serve as a Fiduciary which means that we are held to a higher level of responsibility, accountability, and care than most investment managers.  We take that responsibility very seriously.

We begin this process by defining your investment objectives and constraints. This includes analyzing your personal financial goals, tax situation, investment time horizon, other assets, and risk tolerance.  This is the most important step and is why we emphasize the importance of regular face to face interaction with you.

Once we understand your unique situation, we determine an asset allocation designed to maximize the likelihood of meeting your goals.  This step involves analyzing different asset classes such as domestic stocks, international stocks, short-term and long-term bonds, and how they tend to interact.

The final step of building your portfolio is selecting the specific investments for each asset class.  Depending on your needs and preferences, this may include mutual funds, tactical/alternative funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and/or bonds.  While many investors focus on the specific investments, we agree with most academic studies that demonstrate that choosing an appropriate asset allocation is just as important as selecting the specific investments used to implement the strategy.

The Ongoing Process

In both investing and life, the only thing that is certain is change.  Marriage, career changes, parenthood, retirement, illness and many other life events all affect your financial situation. At Meridian we are with you through each of these changes and will provide objective advice to ensure that your financial needs are met even as your circumstances change.

We encourage you to meet with us at least once a year to review your investments and personal situation.  You may prefer to meet with us as often as quarterly.  These meetings confirm that our recommended strategies continue to be appropriate for you.

As markets move up and down we will occasionally rebalance your investments back to the recommended asset allocation targets.  This maintains your investment strategy at the appropriate level of risk.  Your account will be reviewed each quarter by Meridian’s team of investment managers.

Monitoring the individual investments is the final link in the process.  Our mutual fund monitoring process is ongoing and comprehensive.  Every mutual fund we use is reviewed at least four times per year for changes in performance, risk, management, and many other criteria.  In addition to our proprietary analysis, we use third-party fund rating services from:  Morningstar • Zephyr • FI 360.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act but a habit.” ~ Aristotle