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President’s Letter


Dear Investor,

Welcome to our web site, I’m delighted that you’re interested in Meridian Trust. As an original founder of Meridian Trust, I set out to create an investment firm that was not simply a copy of other financial institutions, but a company aspiring to elevate every aspect of its business to the highest level, or “Meridian.” From employing the best and brightest, to providing a level of service, transparency and integrity that would engender deep trust and loyalty from our clients ~ we set our standards high. We continuously monitor our success in each area and adjust course as needed. However, we won’t deviate from our founding principle of providing prudent counseling to control risk and preserve our client’s assets.  We believe the more you know about Meridian Trust, the more you’ll appreciate the differences, large and small, that set us apart from others.

We realize that financial security means different things to each of us. A common thread however is peace of mind. We’ve created a systematic approach to achieving this for our clients. To give you a deeper understanding of how Meridian Trust can help you reach your financial goals, and peace of mind, I’d like to share the concept of My Meridian™ with you. This is our collective effort at Meridian Trust to understand your unique financial situation and identify your financial goals. My Meridian is the resulting customized plan by which your goals are achieved.* We welcome an opportunity to fully discuss how My Meridian can assess and assist you in your planning. I hope you will consider calling us to schedule an appointment to further discuss this exciting investment tool.

We’ve been in business for 16 years. Meridian was granted Trust powers by the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions on September 24, 1997. Our status as a bank allows you to enjoy an extra level of security. Meridian is owned primarily by the employees who will serve you. Our status as an employee-owned company provides you with the continuity and stability of dealing with the same folks who own and manage Meridian Trust & Investment Company. We use the same services as our clients.

We focus on your needs and providing personal solutions for those needs, with an exceptionally talented and motivated staff. The growth of our business and the retention rate of clients and employees are good indicators that we are successful in achieving our goals and the goals of our clients.

Meridian has grown substantially since its formation. Today we have assets under management approaching one half of a billion dollars. This growth has occurred because of our close, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Choosing Meridian Trust will assure you of having a financial partner that will assist you in making prudent financial decisions.

Everything we do here at Meridian is designed around the idea that objective financial advice will produce better long term financial returns for you than selling products. You always know how much you are paying us because our compensation is not based upon a commission earned from selling a security. This allows us to focus on what is best for you, not on how we are being compensated.

Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn more about Meridian Trust & Investment Company. We look forward to serving you.

Contact me if you have a question, or need anything. The direct dial number to my desk is 865.342.4440, or my email is





* My Meridian™ [ my • mə ríddee ən ]
  1. Specific point(s) in space and time in which life is experienced with complete peace of mind. Evidenced by an ability to clearly focus on those people, places, and events which bring joy and meaning to one’s life.  Achieved in large part, by a sense of financial strength and security.
  2. Each point is unique unto its owner
  3. To reach My Meridian™ consult with a dedicated professional at Meridian Trust.  A My Meridian™ Plan will be custom developed for you.
  4. My MeridianPlan consists of a comfortable investment strategy designed for your specific goals ~ ensuring financial stability, security and peace of mind.
  5. see also: Meridian Trust Investment Company; security, intelligent investing.