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Taking you there… every step of the way.

Meridian Trust offers three primary services: Qualified Retirement Plan Administration, Portfolio Management and Personal Trust Services.

We begin every relationship with a one-on-one meeting to determine what is valuable to you. Once your goals are established, we develop, formalize, implement and monitor a plan to get you there the right way.

Qualified Retirement Plans:

Every aspect of your qualified retirement plan is coordinated in-house so that you can focus on your business. We prepare your plan documents, handle all daily contact with participants, calculate contributions, enroll participants, process contributions, distributions, and  hardship withdrawals, and prepare all tax returns. The only thing the employer has to do is provide us with employee payroll and demographic information.

Meridian serves as Discretionary Trustee of your retirement plan. This significantly reduces your legal liability when compared to the typical trustee arrangement. Click here to learn more about the benefits of having Meridian serve as your Discretionary Trustee rather than the typical Directed Trustee. We can help your employees grow their retirement accounts by providing specific investment advice to participants, not just investment education. The Fiduciary Standards of Care practiced by Meridian represent the highest industry standard. These best practices provide both the foundation and framework for a procedurally prudent investment process. Participants in Meridian retirement plans improve their long-term investment performance by taking advantage of our disciplined investment process. The owners and management of the companies employing Meridian as Discretionary Trustee reduce their fiduciary liability and can feel confident that an experienced Trustee is taking care of their employees.

Portfolio Investment Management:

Meridian Trust manages assets in excess of $500 million dollars. We provide investment management services for all your financial needs, including: personal accounts, retirement plan accounts,  rollover IRAs, trust accounts, college funding strategies, etc. Our investment team will design a personalized, long-term investment plan to help you reach your goals. We will  customize your investment management strategy by following these steps:

  • We listen to you to identify your goals and objectives.
  • We then assess your risk tolerance, tax status, investment time horizon,
    and other preferences and circumstances unique to you and your family.

  • Next we determine the appropriate amount to invest in each asset class.
  • Specific investments for each asset class are selected for your account.
  • We monitor your investments on an on-going basis and give them time to work.

Each of your accounts is rebalanced periodically in accordance with your investment objectives. No matter how aggressive or conservative you may be, or the goals for which you are investing, Meridian Trust can provide the investment management that will help you meet your goals.

Personal Trust Services:

  • Meridian Trust serves in a variety of roles as Trustee for revocable living trusts, testamentary trusts, charitable trusts, foundations, endowments, and guardianships. We also serve as Executor for estates.
  • Meridian will take care of all the details for your trust, such as check writing and bill payment, coordinating tax preparation with your CPA, and reporting to the beneficiaries.
  • Meridian provides easy to understand, state-of-the-art reporting and online access for your trust account.
  • We will ensure that the objectives set forth in your trust are carried out so that your family will receive the highest level of care and guidance in the future.

“Anything that we can do to raise personal savings is very much in the interest of this country.” ~ Alan Greenspan